RWET – Functions

This week I took my previous assignment and tried to get all the printing to work through a function. I got it all working in the end but I had a surprising amount of difficulty.

I call the function like this:


Here’s an example of the result, which hasn’t changed much.


Ashwin’s dig: March 30 will be known as ‘World Apology Day’ – Times of India


Both Houses adjourned till 11 am on March 31

Does Science Advance One Funeral at a Time?


Both Houses adjourned till 11 am on March 31


Supreme Court refers triple talaq case to 5-judge constitutional bench; hearing to begin May 11 – Times of India

No stamping of flyers’ handbags at 7 airports from April 1 – Times of India

I tried to set this aside as a module but It required a lot of libraries and variables from my main script. I guess I could have passed all those through as parameters but it felt kinda hacky so I left it all as one file.

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