RWET – News of the Worlds

The goal of my RWET final was to produce something that referenced current news headlines but incorporated text from fictional worlds like Star Wars and Adventure Time.

Things I was thinking about while working on this:

  • I mostly read news
  • Headlines tend to favor “man bites dog” narrative
  • Increasing concern with “fake” news and propaganda
  • Fire hose of news online
  • Escapism

I mainly used the Spacy natural language processing library to accomplish this although I tried a number of different approaches.

Part of speech replacement

I first tried to get all the parts of speech in a headline and simply replace that part of speech with a corresponding word from a fantasy world corpus.

search heart item is of Spider ‘s placed position that Man is

K’un created during cobblestone stair , ” clear heroes ‘s

antidote trick texture from career ‘s Overdrive woods ‘s

able time prey : same Lun or Weasley host kissed

unpredictable areas ‘ different editions casting to to opening temptation toxins

who lightning window piece.[255 . each marks join two Antilles In him

Mushrooms Malfoy the complete table what became arrows , other twin crafted

Spider ( Man ] obtained … side as the police , face open when ‘ pickaxe powers told

also able

darkness confronted the could spell only academic for portal ” get he all swap ” ; Anti is Sinister , Snape vs electron source

The result here wasn’t very readable. If you try you can see the headline-like structure but it became clear that simply replacing parts of speech wasn’t a great way to get consistent results.

The code here shows the process after pulling in the Headlines from NewsAPI:


Noun Chunks

The next thing I tried was replacing noun chunks from the headlines with noun chunks from the fantasy text

the untrained Jedi quits as Joyce’s forced relocation to Armidale looms

Mustafar falling because of surging home prices

Monkey (Magic) explained: Ahead of the reboot, find out why Malfoy were so obsessed

There are you in South Sudan’s war

Philippe Poutou builds rainbows

a Jedi face exploitation in Greece

Why does Le Pen get Purchasers from young voters?

Take a tour of Parker

China takes his time toward building a large space station

Hang out with a hologram of Harry to VR
Why understanding the genetics of Melissa isn’t much help

These results were much more readable but didn’t diverge from the original headline enough for my taste. There were also lots of instances where the replacement didn’t make sense.

The Code:

Entity Extraction and Subjects of Verbs

Following this I tried Spacy’s entity extraction and subjects of verb extraction.

Only  With Perfect Vision Can Match These Fonts

Here’s  Happened When We Tried Starbucks’ New Unicorn Frapp

This Little Girl’s Whole Squad Came To Her Soccer Game And the Kingpin Are Seriously Obsessed With It

Skywalker have a new plan to repeal Obamacare — and here it is

looks like he’ll miss another deadline on another promise today

will soon clobber beer sales, Wall Street says

Full interview with former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin on A Jack-O-Lantern, crafted by placing a pumpkin above a torch in the crafting

Emperor Palpatine career comes to a swift end amid growing sexual harassment claims

Call of Duty Dev Sets the Stage for New Zombies Map: Tatooine

Emperor Still Has Up to 3 Tons of Chemical Weapons

Chaffetz will leave behind Oversight panel he used to investigate Star Wars Publications Timeline
MSNBC ‘Counter-Terrorism Analyst’ Calls for the Death Star

These were generally the most readable and close to what I originally wanted. However I felt again, like the original narrative in the headlines was too obvious. The other problem is that they were usually funny – which in the context of gas attacks, deportations and other real violence felt inappropriate. I could have screened out certain headlines or news sources but to me that would have compromised the core of the work.


Some weird Root/children replacements idea

After trying things that resulted in non-sense and others that were too real. I though I should try to dig a but deeper into sentence structure and bring more of the fantasy text in. What I tried to do was look for the root word of each headline, Identify the children of that root word, identify the part of speech that the child word is, and replace whatever clause it is in with a clause from the fantasy text. What this essentially does is replace almost the entire original headline except the root word or phrase. The results are somewhat non-sensical but much more readable than my first attempt at replacing with Parts of speech.



Stone, described in the walkthrough above, Kart -Clay- Cameos, etc

Peter, which caused Spider-Man to brutally beat Norman, which was all caught on a hidden camera in his house is into

it to help Draco

These protests consider as follows

Analysis | Trump’s claim that Korea ‘then used to save Jameson’s astronaut son, John Jameson from an accident in a deviated space capsule

Skywalker Indeed killed ―Luke Skywalker, during the operations on Er’Kit[src]

At some point after becoming a Commander of his own, you won’t fall off the edge of

blocks, which can again be useful for building tall structures

Bookseller Barnes and Noble says Turtle Princess brings her food to her hobo camp

Luke Skywalker’s she has a talent for singing.

Harry, equates Peter’s body

coal opens at his apartment death, he had a vision of Kenobi, who told him to seek the teachings of Yoda in the Dagobah system.[9]

At first I was disappointed with this. I thought the structure of the headline would be clearer, but as I read it outloud loud I liked this more and more. To me it sounds like someone reading the newspaper aloud but constantly interrupting with their own commentary. I liked this blend of seemingly factual statements with opinions and tangents. As suggested in class, I think I will try to separate out different news sources for the final reading in order to isolate the styles of headlines.



The news comes out of the NewsAPI which pulled from tons of sites like NYtimes to Ars Technica.

The fantasy text I used primarily came from Wikia articles about different characters or books related to Adventure Time, Star Wars, Spiderman, and Minecraft.


For the final performance I chose three distinct news sources and limited the clause replacement so that the target and replacer are roughly the same length. Here is a sample of what the new output looks like:

Today April 27th:

A Respectable News Source

ESPN Layoffs: the Second Wizarding War Sheds out of leather,

White House Proposes Slashing Tax Rates, accidentally Aiding Certain

Winners and Flowers With great powers

In Ann Coulter’s Speech Battle, Items Once -Door-  Doors are Emboldened

the Tablet Says Before he could travel to Coruscant

Maul Cases, -Obsidian-  Obsidian, which has a dark purple texture,

Justices encouraged by Notch (except where his own code is redistributed),

SandMJ Ron Plan— Johnnie  Lumpy Space Princess and in the crafting grid

Harry Peter Peter Ways across a box addressed to Skywalker

Peter carrying the box, Launches all Zombie Pigmen in the area

Some Millennial Clickbate

Secondary Is an errand for Admiral Ackbar, Skywalker.


can him Solve Courtney Johnson about the D.A meetings.

the Hogwarts library Might Explain Why Rose Wouldn’t Let Jack On The Board With Her At The End

This Word to kidnap Peter Sand-  Soul sand

I Quit Sugar For 30 Days And That Is Organa became

also A hard Thorfinn Rowle can Get More Than 75% into bread

three different categories of colour furiously Do from this recipe

19 he inquired if Vader was truly his father

50 Tweets That Show not possible Jedi Master Yoda Are

That Hateful Blog 

Report: the Felix Felicis ―Shara Bey and Luke Skywalker[src] In the battle’s aftermath

Voldemort DoesNATURAL BLOCKS–  -Stone-  Stone, described in the walkthrough above,

Sen Perdue on Trump’s First 100 Days: Consumer Confidence Is the Highest itis Been In an attempt to save him

Peter House; there is an unseasonal mist pressing against the window panes.

Arsonist Peter Parker (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 1 0001

Delingpole— Trump Will Use Art of the Deal to Kill Paris Climate Treaty

Nebula Decries the Hippogriff attacks Snape, who leaves Harry behind and escapes with Draco Malfoy

Exclusive; As Peter continued to live on his own,

Wool Levin: a different block appear in the output slot to the right of the grid

New Sheriff in Town: THE Madame Web Days to CIA agents Richard and Mary Parker

RWET Final Proposal

Real news for a fictional world:

The idea I have for the final is to create a sort of news service for fictional worlds. My thinking right now is that I’ll work on something that reads in current headlines, picks one (or maybe uses all of them) to construct a headline for a fictional (e.g. TV or video game) universes. My plan is to use spaCy to pick out noun phrases and other parts of speech and then replace them with similar parts of speech from Wikia fandom pages. This may include descriptions of the articles as well. Ideally this will create a natural contrast with the idea narrative of “fake news”. Here are some examples done by hand:


I’m still trying to figure out how the presentation of this will work, maybe I will read it like a newspaper. I’m not sure if it should come from one fandom or multiple.

RWET – Markov / Ngram

This week I took my headline gathering script and applied the Ngram and Markov chain library to it. After adjusting the length of the N grams and trying out some “key” words I ended up with something rather simple but effective in terms of this confusion of news and time effect I’m going for. Basically I take all of my headlines and pass them through Generate_from_tokens function to create new headlines with an Ngram length of 6. I liked the results here because the headlines are typically generated but occasionally repeating the source material so when you read through a list of them its unclear whats real and what isn’t. Also some of them worked out to be kinda funny. Here are some of the highlights:

Hey, normals, Martha Stewart wants to Nerve Gas in Syrian man says

The Army could go  boring, bad, and really bad

Pepsi pull offensive Kendall Jenner ad after he felt like a ‘clown’

Worlds largest canary discovers Weird, Unexplain benefits sacrificed to cut deficit

Syria and Assad Altered After Sexual Claims Against Beijing: Dalai Lama

Demand For Seal Products From That Viral Second Grade Survey Are Finally Here

Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 releases Windows 10

US threatens history

Angry Mets fan tells Alex Rodriguez how he used to revel in his Syrian chemical Attack

‘Other Fish to Fry’: Despite Screaming Person

How Target Botched Its Response to Syria

NBA draft lottery odds: Where have all the MLB superstars gone?

‘Designated Survivor’ Recap: Cato Hosts a Fundraiser With Frederick Douglass

Trump fumbles, Putin as a gay clown

Inside of Job-Killing $1 Billionaires who run Trump’s Israel-Palestine efforts

Rogue Ones best phone ever

Pepsi Pulls Ad Accused of causing index funds, Leon Cooperman is now illegal in Russia connection

RIP Facebook will replace it.

Catastrophic water on growing Uber (or Yahoo or any of it)

Donald Trump Warns Syria, North Korea nuke program, FOI investigation red lines and Kendall Jenner

Bannon Removes Stephen Bannon from Chrome and John Cena had to account?

Controversial Trump Removes Steve Ballmer, Reid Hoffman and NSC: Huge Victory in south Wales game

Toddler attack, US warns of unilateral Syrian gas attack’: Trump Campaigned for break

IPL 2017, Match 1: Yuvraj’s blitz proves to Ban Jehovahs Witnesses as it works to overhaul its business

Exclusive–Sen. Ron Johnson suffers fashion dominant win for the Astros, the reverse

Theranos Found On Shipwreck

What to expect from National Security Council

White Housewives of India

Analysis: For Trump: ‘I now have broken the Oval Office

19 Restaurants Where You Might Just Take A Minute To Appreciate Old Pugs

NBA Mock Draft 4.0: New top-10 picks, new language of gig economy

Trickier-than-usual conditions on the Probes Into Russia’s ‘fanciful’ explanation for Space Project

Rapid rise of clothes moths threatens ‘our own action’ in Syrian gas massacre

Chemical attacked by malicious Wi-Fi networks

Woman Who Degrades Women

haley threatened to enjoy the next year

woman who helped launched an ancient land and sea missiles

dealmaster: today only,  hydrogen cars from national security council

van jones: trump remarks on news coverage of gig economy

smile if you think robots can be fatally hacked by pitbull-cross in playground mock draft day

what we do know about that viral security council

youtube tv goes `beyond red lines’

‘he’s taking my place’: trump should be terrified

plan a netflix marathon and we’ll guess what happened

spotify’s new deal with frederick douglass

haley threatens historic fabrics

The exact algorithm changes a bit here but the result is generally the same. I tried adding additional parameters to the markov function and other things but the more complicated I made the process the less interesting the results were to me. I was thinking it would be cool to write out a sentence with the key words and have generated sentences follow them or continue my time and date thing but the key seemed like it needed to be a specific length and I couldn’t figure out how to adjust for that.