Building simple Twitter bots with Ruby!

Build your own bot

If you’re interested in building interactive web based software twitter bots are a great place to start. Twitter is a fairly open platform that can be easily access through API’s and libraries which are available for many different programming languages. Combining this access with other API’s, datasets and original content allows for thousands of possibilities and projects that can be completed with only a couple of hours of work.

Some fun example bots:

Think Piece Bot – This bot generates headlines for imaginary opinion articles.

Census American Bot – Tweets anonymized details from real US census forms.

Stealth Mountain – This bot replies to anyone who writes about a “sneak peak” rather than a “sneak peek”, a major problem among media types.

New York Times First Said – Tweets each time the NYTs uses a word for the first time in their history.

Fast Plants & News – This account tweets a picture of some hydroponics plants and associates that with news clips.

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