Astor Place Documentary – Final Project

Working with Jordan, Osama, and Yiting from my sound and video class we created a short documentary on the history of the Astor place subway station.

A Brief History of Astor Place from Yiting Liu on Vimeo.

Creating this video used each of the skills we learned in class. We started out by storyboarding our concept, then shooting the various frames. Once we had a good deal of footage we began editing it into a cohesive film. At this point we recorded much of the sound for the project in the form of narration and shot a few extra clips that we felt were needed or as replacements for bad shots. After a couple days of staring at a computer screen and scrubbing back and fourth we finally added some background music, transitions, location bubbles and titles. Ultimately, I think this was a great exercise in the skills we learned over the first half of the semester. I am happy with the final project and look forward to producing more media like this during my time at ITP.

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